"Panhandle Redheads"

I have been planning to paint some red sorghum for years and have files of photos from the past few harvests. The red sorghum is becoming rare with new, resistant, lighter colored, varieties being used by more and more farmers. Having grown up on a farm, I always loved the rich colors of a field of grain.

A few days ago, Michael and I were out checking our geocaches and I waded into a field of sorghum, scared up a huge flock of pheasants, and gathered a few stalks. I put them in an old vase on my desk and decided to create a 6" x 6" study. I think these are going in a frame and will be the last of my new pieces for the Miniature Show.

It's time to move on and start this year's inked bookplate so I'm anxious to gather my resources and get started on that annual project.


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