"Sliced Lemons on a Blue Plate"

I'm back in the saddle again working towards my June show in Amarillo, TX.  This weekend my daughter Kelsey and I made a trip to the produce section of WalMart and walked away with sacks filled with all kinds of potential still life subjects.

I decided to start out by slicing up some bright yellow lemons and displaying them on a blue, glass plate.  I really wanted to capture how the light shone through some of the slices and spent quite a bit of time arranging and rearranging the fruit to get that "looks-natural-look."

I abandoned the Sunflower Festival competition piece after I learned that the festival has cancelled this year's competition.  I hope to get back to it sometime after I get enough inventory ready for the OHMS show. I was really disappointed that they dropped that part of the festival but am looking forward to seeing the banners go up on mainstreet in the next day or so.

The next still life is already on the easel......


Unknown said…
I like the eggs especially.

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