I noticed totally by accident that my last post was my 100th blog post (cue confetti, horns and balloons).  I realize in blogville that I am a blogging infant but still felt it deserved to be celebrated.  I have been amazed that my little posts have been read by people all over the planet.  Last night I noticed that I had almost 800 hits just in the month of October.  THAT'S CRAZY!

Thanks to everyone who stops by to follow my creative life and artistic experiences.  This effort has really motivated me to create more and be more disciplined with my artwork.  It's my personal goal to post with more frequency. 

I've loved art all my life.  It's hard to imagine that the little girl who used to leave a trail of drawings behind her would some day have total strangers around the world share her journey.  Now - where's my cake!


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