The Shoe is hoping to fly again soon!

My summer has wound down and I'm back working in my classroom in spite of an ongoing battle with my new knee.  On Friday, August 5th, I had a second knee surgery following the June 3rd total knee replacement to improve my mobility and restore some flexibility.  This operation has set me back some but seems to have helped my knee flex and bend.  As a result of another surgery I now have four more weeks of physical therapy, pain pills and support hose which will follow me to my high school classroom.

It's been a rough summer and not just because of my new knee.  My children have all had battles and trials and our region (like many in the states) has had a horrific drought that has devastated farmers and ranchers and our rural economy. I'm pretty glad to be saying goodbye to the summer of 2011 and starting up a fall in my classroom.  I've spent a few hours preparing my room and will report for duty on Monday - in my white, stretch, support hose.

This past week I discovered a little ray of sunshine that I hope marks the positive transition into fall.  The trunk of some sort of plant has often sprouted beside my front step but for the twenty some years we have lived in our home it's never produced a bloom.  Well, right on cue on my granddaughter, Lily's second birthday it burst out with a beautiful lily.  Cool - right?  We enjoyed it for awhile and then I captured it, pressed it and preserved it to someday give to Lily perhaps with a little grandma wisdom about light at the end of the tunnel, God's grace through trials or that there are often sweet reminders just when we need them that all is well, all is precious and there is beauty just when we need it.

I hope to be back and at 'em soon with new artwork and artful experiences.  So look for some blooms after my summer of drought.


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