Matthews Family Portrait
14" x 10" Graphite Pencil on 80lb Paper

I know most studio artists live and die by commissions but I really don't enjoy doing commission work.  I have the luxury of a full time teaching position to pay the bills so most of my artwork is created for my personal enjoyment.  If something I've done sells then wonderful but the real joy for me comes in the process and not the sale of the final product.

A good friend brought me an envelope full of various photographs of family members and asked if I would create a composite drawing of the best in one drawing.  I've done this before but found this especially challenging since the photographs were really small and I have never met these people in real life.

I happy to be done.  As in any commission piece, I hope the customer is pleased.  I was able to work a lot in class while my beginning students are preparing to create self portraits for their semester finals.


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