"Time Sure Flies"
8" x 13" Ink on Crescent Mat Board

It's been a busy, holiday season and I typically have this piece finished well before Christmas.  This year I finally put the finishing touches on my annual bookplate after the New Year.  I am especially proud of the results.

I like the images I select for this project to have some significance from the year before.  As most of my friends and family know, one of the significant events in my 2011 was my knee replacement so I wanted to "mark" that event without really celebrating it.  So the prominent 6 and 3 is for June 3rd when I had my surgery.

Each of the clock faces has the birth date of my immediate family.  My husband, me, our three daughters and our three grandchildren all have their birthdays included in one of the times.  I also added a little clock without a time tucked partially away to represent what I hope is another birthday for a much wanted grandchild being sought by my oldest daughter and her husband. 

There are other numbers that hold some significance for me.  If you look closely you will find a 4, 5, 7 and 8 which are dates and times of other special events for me and my family.

I really wanted this year's bookplate to be something that both men and women might use since it is a gift for coworkers and close friends.

I need to give a special thanks to Darlene Parker of Feathered Friends in Santa Fe, NM who let me spend time in her amazing shop of wild and domestic birds.  She permitted me access to photograph her birds for references for the little birds I drew around the vintage clocks.  Even if you aren't interested in purchasing a bird, her shop is quite the experience and she is quite the expert on her inventory.

Darlene and her special, feathered friends

I hope everyone has enjoyed a great holiday.  We return to school in a couple of days and my calendar is filled with once again directing a murder mystery dinner theater to raise money for our community's emergency youth shelter.  I am also busy moving my art studio to another space.


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