5" x 5" Pen, Colored Pencil & Watercolor on Distressed, Dictionary Page

These little drawings on pages ripped out of an old dictionary I found on a shelf in my classroom have been proving to be very popular.  Close friends have commented on them as I've posted them on my Face book page and I've had some pins from total strangers of the image when I posted it on my Pinterest boards.  Having a little interest has really motivated me to focus my time on building more.

This piece required some technical drawing and study of an old vintage typewriter my husband keeps in his office.  It was once used as a prop in a play we performed and I didn't have the heart to abandon it when the play closed.  I also adore the individual keys so I decided they needed a special focus.

I have had feedback that viewers really like the addition of the digital text on the image.  I've been scanning and adding those with Adobe Photoshop and am toying with the idea of drawing them on the originals.

Here's the original sans text.  My favorite section of the drawing is the how the watercolor played on the paper rolled in the typewriter - I love that happy accident and built it up more using colored pencil.

I've got pages ready to draw teacups, clocks, bumblebee, butterflies and silverware.  This is turning into a really fun and attention-getting series.


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