This month I took a group from my Advanced Placement Studio Art Class to Oklahoma City to watch two of their classmates receive art awards at the state capitol.  I have been really proud of my students for winning so many terrific awards and this trip was a great experience for everyone involved.

Oklahoma governor, Mary Fallin spent time with Estephania and Eh Say, my two winning students.

We toured the beautiful artwork displayed at the state capitol and the highlight for me was visiting a former student, Jerrod Smith, who is now a working studio artist in OKC.  Jerrod took us on a tour of his gallery/studio and thrilled me when he presented me with a drawing of my middle daughter that Jerrod actually created during his junior year of high school.  I have always wanted the drawing.  It is wonderful to see such a gifted artist making a success as a studio artist.  You can visit his website at


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