After ten horrible days of suffering and flat out wishing someone would shoot me, I am starting to emerge from the worst allergic reaction I've ever experienced. I have learned that like a rare few, I am highly allergic to the hip, superfood Quinoa (pronounced Keeen-wah).  

I have noticed this highly nutritious grain/seed all over the place as a healthy alternative to other side dishes. I decided to try it out on the evening before my husband and I left for a week long trip. Just a few hours afterward we both felt like we were starting a summer cold. By the next morning as we drove through two states, our throats started to swell shut. 

Long story short - after trips to Urgent Care, multiple calls to our family physician, hours spent in misery in a hotel room unable to swallow while infection spread we finally made it back home. My husband has improved pretty quickly thanks to penicillin but I have had to manage with other antibiotics and am just now getting out of bed. 

According to research this reaction isn't too uncommon. Let me tell you that it is unpleasant and terribly painful. My local doctor today told me I still have a week to go before I am over the swelling, pain and aches. 

I have a full easel in my studio waiting for me but it may be a few more days before I attempt to get back to work. Lots of hot tea, pain killers and sleep for a while more. From now on I think I will be less adventurous with my food choices.


Thanks for the warning. I have a box in the cupboard that I was ready to try. I will try a speck & not a bowlfull, and I won't take it to the next pot luck.

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