Happy dance.  Happy dance.  I just finished this year's ink drawing.  Again I've created this piece entirely from zillions of tiny dots and dashes using an 005 Micron Ink Pen so I estimate this drawing has taken me over 60 hours.
My Family Garden
9" x 14" Stippled Ink Drawing on 90 lb Drawing Paper

I do an ink drawing each November/December while my advanced students work on an ink unit.  This year's drawing has been a challenge because my studio has been extra busy with my dictionary drawing series.  I was determined to finish what is now my 10th, detailed ink drawing designed for use as personalized bookplates.

The subjects of this year's drawing is a rectangular basket lined with both burlap and lace.  Because of it's popularity, I wanted to challenge myself to draw these two textures.  The most time consuming aspect of this whole drawing was the burlap - I doubt I ever draw it again.  The lace on the other hand (which was a scrap I found in my mother's sewing), was one of the most fun images to recreate.  Both subjects required me to basically "draw the holes."

I wanted to celebrate my grandchildren in my piece so I created five, vintage looking seed packages featuring the birth flower of each child.  The top packet is for Cami who was born in January (Carnation) followed by Tate born in February (Primrose) and Lily born in August (Poppy) and their little sister Quinn who was also born last February 14th (Violet).  The final packet is for Berkley who celebrates her first birthday this month (December - Holly).

In nearly microscopic writing, I've hidden my whole family's names around the piece - mostly on the seed packages.  I've added work gloves, a trowel and three little seedlings in flower pots.

This piece officially wraps up my artwork for 2013.  It's been a fabulous year for me and the popularity and sale of my artwork has grown far beyond my expectations.  I am thrilled that people from around the globe are interested in what I create.  Thank you, everyone who follows me, admires my work, sends encouragement or makes a purchase.  Art has always been a vital part of my life and to have others appreciate and share my joy is a rich blessing.

Merry Christmas from The Shoe!


Anonymous said…
absolutely stunning!

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