Fish & Flies
Mixed Media Drawing on 12" x 18" Antique Parchment

It's been a hectic few weeks.  I've returned from an exciting summer of travels, family time and art shows to start school for my 15th year.

While I was in Crested Butte (which was a lovely experience and a fabulous art show) I met a lot of terrific people.  One awesome gentlemen saw me working on this piece and asked to purchase it unfinished.  I had intended to have it finished before we went to this part of Colorado where fishing is a passion.  He requested I include some freshwater, brown trout and he purchased a variety of fly fishing flies that he enjoys using and asked that I include them in the drawing.

I had a great time creating this piece.  I was fascinated by the variety of flies he provided.  I had never studied fishing flies before and now I have a better understanding of how each one is an intricate piece of art.  I kinda hate that I have to return them with the finished work.


BJR said…
I just found you on Pinterest. I am amazed and delighted by your art! I also do pen and ink drawings with watercolor sometimes, but putting the paintings on the RIGHT dictionary page is delightful!! Keep on painting. I, too, an from Okla...central Okla. ;)
quitethecrow said…
Hi...I have long admired your pieces on Pinterest and just found your blog where I saw this wonderful fly fishing original. My husband loves fly fishing and makes his own fly rods. Your work is beautiful and one day I hope to purchase a piece from you! Keep "flying"!

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