I am constantly amazed how a simple idea can keep evolving and offer new discoveries.  After two and half years of creating drawings on dictionary pages, you'd think the opportunities for new ideas would dry up but nooooooooo.  

I love the idea of working on larger pages. I push my students all the time to tackle big paintings and drawings because I think they often have greater impact and are really attention getting.   Dictionaries just don't come very big so I've been pretty happy to explore working on large, 12' x 18" reproductions of pages on some really old parchment my local print shop found.  Well, I got the bright idea to try going even bigger and I am so excited to get started after my print shop buddies were able to digitize a dictionary page this big.

Today I prepared a page that is 18" x 24".  It looks enormous compared to my regular 6" x 9" book pages.  This page features the definition for fairy tale which has been one of my favorite drawings to create.  Now I can include all sorts of fairy tale images with plenty of room for them all to fit.

I hope to have this piece ready in time for my upcoming show over Thanksgiving in Albuquerque, NM.  Today I prepared a total of 105 new pages.  I've got plenty of inspiration and ideas so I best be off to the studio to make the magic happen.  


BJR said…
I hope you show the results! After I saw your artwork, I took an old recipe that my hubby's grandmother had written (the paper was all aged) and made a copy on heavy paper, then watercolored an old kitchen scene on it. Love it!

You are an inspiration!
What an awesome idea. I have boxes of precious recipes from my mother and grandmother. I've wanted to do something with them for years. I'd love to see a photo of your finished piece.

Thank you for your comment and kind words

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