Roller Skate
6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Antique Dictionary

One of my favorite things is to draw nostalgic images.  As a kid growing up on the rural prairies of Oklahoma, a treat was meeting friends at a local skating rink.  My tribe and I spent lots of Saturdays and special occasions from childhood through our teens skating together.  I wouldn't dare put on a pair of skates these days but my grandchildren still skate from time to time on the same old wooden floor at the local rink.

My mother-in-law still gets out her baton and her skates to enjoy playing with her great grandchildren.  Patt puts us all to shame with her energy and her joy.  I am a happy spectator but she is still so young at heart.  I love this snappy photo of her with pom-poms on her lace up skates.

My Mother-in-law Patricia in her skates

I hope someone discovers this little drawing and that it brings up some happy memories of times spent skating away with no cares in the world.  I can still hear Bobby Darin singing as I endlessly flew around on that big, wooden oval.


Shari said…
this drawing brings back so many memories of my own days spent rollerskating back in the 80's. your work is meticulous and gorgeous and i am so surprised that there are very few, if any, comments on your blog. ?? I'm going to add you to my bloglovin' feed..
ps. ohmygoodness your daughters' wedding turned out so fabulous! she was a beautiful bride!

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