Artists come in all shapes and sizes and their work is born from their personal experiences and the world around them.

As part of American Artist Appreciation Month I would like to share the fabulous work of artist, Holly Ulm Bundy.  I first met Holly at an art show in Glenwood Springs, Colorado where we were both exhibiting.  Her booth was swarmed both with customers and with her beautiful jewelry made from actual butterfly and dragonfly wings.

I've since discovered there are other artist who work with preserved wings but I think you will agree that Holly's work is amazing.  She and her partner are dedicated to the conservation of the insects she uses and all her work is created from insects who have not been killed just to become art.

I also fell in love with her creative packaging.  She is so creative by packaging her wing jewelry in a little jar much like a child would use to capture a bug in the garden.

Please visit her Etsy shop and studio called Isms to admire and purchase her work.


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