I periodically get requests for people to use my artwork for all sorts of things.  I am very cautious about sharing high resolution files of my work unless I can trust the request to be reputable and beneficial to my studio.

I frequently support nonprofit requests and happily take paid commissions but I am always fearful that someone might steal an image and use it for a unauthorized purpose.

Recently I was approached by an editor from a sewing machine all the way over in Great Britain.  It's exciting to have someone so far away admire and want to feature my work.

Today I finally got my copy of Love Sewing Magazine all the way from the United Kingdom.  They feature my "Sew" dictionary drawing on page of the magazine with four other artist's work with a sewing theme.  I am pleased that they also included a link to my Etsy shop where potential buyers can purchase a print.  

At first I was concerned that the etsy shop link included the UK in the web address but the link works just the same.

Thank you Love Sewing Magazine for publishing and promoting my work!


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