The van is ready to pack with art, prints and all our display system as we finish up preparations for our 4th trip to the Salem Art Fair and Festival.  We love participating in this fabulous show and are honored to be invited.  The show takes place is beautiful Bush Pasture Park where we are tucked into winding sidewalks under huge trees.

The staff of this show is wonderful.  They are constantly available, feed us amazing food and end the weekend with a parade of volunteers, children and bag pipes - yes Bag Pipes!  The past few years I have gotten teary when the bag pipes pass by because it personally signals the end of my summer and my travel adventures.  It's time to focus on school and my classroom.

If you are close to Salem, I encourage you to stop by the art show.  It is incredibly well curated with unique and whimsical art you just don't see everywhere.  One of the joys of traveling the country and meeting other artists is the variety of art out there.  This show brings together some outstanding, original people.  It's hard not to carry out truck loads of purchases.

So off we go on a three day journey to drive all the way from Oklahoma to see our friends in Oregon.  It's a three day festival and then three days to get back home.  I'm looking forward to a wonderful trip.


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