Now that my show of little pastel still life paintings has been up for a few weeks and my acrylic street banner is hanging high above our brick main street for the upcoming art, food and wine festival, it's time to catch up on some overdue commissions.

As a rule I'm not fond of commission work but I sure appreciate the paycheck that comes at the end.  Last fall my oldest daughter, Kiley and I sat up a booth at a local craft fair.  She marketed her fabulous hair bows and I promoted my personalized watercolor paintings.  I've had two such orders for watercolors waiting for my attention.  I also have a niece and a former student with new babies waiting for a personalized baby gift.  So my easel has changed over to a center full of watercolors and colored pencils.
I have one more week of teaching art at the high school before our summer break begins.  That means lots of work packing, inventory and requisitioning supplies. I'm also in charge of supervising student artists who are creating graduation backdrops and last minute projects.  It's always a hectic time up until the last bell rings on Friday.

Instead of a summer filled with exciting travel I am preparing for a total knee replacement June 3rd which should influence how I spend the rest of my summer vacation.  I have been gathering and organizing my supplies in hopes that I will find comfort and distraction painting during my recovery.  Let's hope so.  I was one of the youngest patients in the orthopedic clinic this week that wasn't there due to a sports injury.  The thought of using a walker at my age has really upset my self image.  Hopefully my blog will be filled with lots of great work due to my confinement and who knows what you'll discover due to copious amounts of pain medication.

Your prayers will be most appreciated!!!!


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