I recently had a commission to do cartoon caricatures at a friend's wedding.  Due to the impending knee surgery there was no way I could sit and do caricatures on the upcoming wedding date.  The bride asked if I would at least create caricatures of her and her family for decorations.  Here is my finished work.

Year's ago I used to set up and draw quick, ink caricatures at local events and children's parties.  I actually haven't done much cartooning like this in years.  I enjoy the exaggerated facial features of caricatures but for friends and family I generally create "cute" cartoons that flatter a little more than traditional caricatures.  I remember doing hours of these quick sketches finding I had to create drawings of baby after baby.  I learned very quickly that every baby has to be cute no matter what. 

The couple also asked that I design a cartoon frame for the cartoons.

This is the bride and groom which the couple plans to recreate on the top of their wedding cake.

 I didn't get a lot of suggestions of hobbies or interests for the bride so I just let her celebrate.
 The groom loves Nerf guns.
The youngest daughter is described as a princess
 One son loves money, nerf guns and anything spy-like.
 This son has his own superhero symbol.
 This son excells in all sorts of sports and academics.
The oldest daughter loves FFA, her boots and claims to be the boss of the family.

My blood pressure is coming down with the exception of the recent calls from the hospital business office regarding payments for the joint replacement surgery this Friday.  Maybe I can set up a booth in the hallway of the hospital and raise some money doing caricatures to pay the bill.

Keep those prayers coming!


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