It has been a busy start in my classroom to 2012.  I thought I'd share a little of what dominates my days as an art teacher.  I spend lots of time preparing examples, organizing supplies and equipment and supervising my large classes.  I haven't found much time these first few weeks to do many personal, art projects.

Each year I teach a unit in my crafts class on handmade paper.  I demonstrate all sorts of techniques on making handmade paper from botanicals and discarded trash.  This year I have a huge enrollment so it's been especially challenging to do such a messy project with so many bodies in the room.

The students start by shredding and blending discarded papers in a blender then run them through a screen
and place the pressed paper on a drying rack overnight.

 The students are required to make papers that require they blend pictures, old books, flowers, etc in the blender or have to float these objects whole in the surface of their handmade papers.

When they finish successfully making a wide range of different kinds of papers they must select a type of paper they prefer and create a hand bound journal for it.  Each journal needs to be decorated inside and out, have a focal point on the cover and at least three embellishments.  We then bore holes to bind them with ribbon, leather or whatever suits their theme.


I'd love to see these journals when they're done.

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