It's official!  The local gallery is starting to advertise my upcoming, solo show.  The Wild Horse Gallery will host an artist reception for me on the evening of October 27th.  I am so excited.

I went to an artist reception this past week at the Wild Horse Gallery and was very impressed with how nice the gallery looked and how professional the show appeared.  They featured the work of a local photographer, Debbie Smith.  Her work is regional and nostalgic images of wheat fields, farm machinery and old buildings.  What made her show stand out to me was the beautiful filters she used and the gorgeous framing/presentation of the photos.  She had even mounted some of the images on old, paned window frames...that really suited her subject matter.

I am having a joyous weekend with my family.  My eldest daughter is here with her family and we are focusing our time with grandchildren.  Two of my daughters are pregnant and expecting babies in February so this is quite a special time.

Kiley and Lindsay "Coming Soon"

When the house quiets back down I'll be back on the easel to prepare new work for the October show.  But for now this grandma best get in the kitchen to start frying some chicken for a big, family dinner.


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