6.5" x 8" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

After a couple of months of travel and getting a new school year started, I am finally back on the easel and building drawings for my upcoming solo, art show.  I have collected images, purchased frames and distressed stacks of old pages in preparation for the time when I could dedicated myself to drawing.....so now I'm ready to GO!

Much like the drawing I did about coffee, I added cup stains to this piece for a little extra jazz.  This drawing was done on a book page that is over 60 years old so the paper was extra fragile and brittle.  Distressing old pages only makes them more fragile so these older pages take extra care to draw.  I've learned to plan out each drawing carefully because once I start there is no opportunity to erase or rework any ink or color applications - the paper doesn't hold up to many strokes without tearing or breaking through.  I think the spontaneity of drawing like this makes them even more special.

I've also started lettering the original pieces with watercolors rather than colored pencil like the earlier dictionary drawings.  The delicate paper just won't withstand heavy colored pencil marks.  Meanwhile, the sale of my drawings on Etsy is really picking up.  I've shipped orders all over the United States and am building up new inventory for what I hope are good holiday sales.

I'm off to the studio to draw away my day.


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