As a high school art teacher I am always snooping around for new art supplies and techniques.  A few months ago I stumbled onto a watercolor brush that has a water depository in the handle.  I bought a couple of different brands in different price ranges when I had a chance and I am TOTALLY in love.

I was concerned that the brush fibers might mildew if left damp for very long, that it might leak and I was also concerned about the quality of the brush tip (whether it would hold it's shape or be too soft or hard).  Not a one of these problems has happened and I've used the heck outta the Sakura Koi brush.  I love the ease of using this brush for the lettering on my dictionary drawing series.

I think these brushes would be ideal for watercolorist who likes to travel but hates hauling around water containers.  I have to admit that I don't switch around my color palette that often but when I needed to, the brush washes easily in water.  To dampen the brush you just lightly squeeze the barrel of the brush handle.

Here's a resource if you are interested:


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