It has been a long time since I created a watercolor painting as a new baby gift. This one is pretty special.

It is for my new granddaughter Berkley who is scheduled to arrive sometime in February. She is the first child of my oldest daughter Kiley and her husband Aaron. What makes Berkley even more special than other babies is that Kiley has had multiple miscarriages and had been told she would never carry a baby to term. She has had complications along the way this time but both she and the baby are doing well. It is a miracle for our entire family.

You may notice that I didn't spare lots of sparkles and bright color on this piece. My Kiley sparkles herself and I am one, excited grandmother.

I have another grandchild due two weeks following Berkley but my middle daughter and her husband are not going to discover the gender until birth. I will have the joy of another watercolor then.


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