Bautista Family Portrait
18" x 24" Pastel on Canson Mi Teines Paper
Commission - SOLD

After hours and hours of time in my studio, the Bautista family portrait  is finally finished.  It's been six weeks since I've started this commission and I am down right giddy that it's completed.  I certainly didn't work on it daily but these types of projects seem to take forever.

I was particularly upset this morning when I walked into my studio to discover the portrait was on the floor, covered with broken pastels and slightly damaged.  I discovered that our family cat had decided that my drafting table was an inviting bed and didn't like to be crowded.  I had to redo some of the portrait before I could finish and wrap it for delivery.

I went to the Bautista family home mid January and took a variety of snapshots.  I borrowed faces from a number of the photos to get what I thought was a good image of each family member.  Both Martin and Sylvia Bautista are doctors in our community.  My husband and I have had their next-to-the-oldest daughter Victoria as a student but I am not familiar with the other girls.

Now on to building up my inventory of dictionary drawings for summer shows.


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