9" x 12" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

It sure pays to be a teacher among teachers.  Has word has spread that I am repurposing damaged dictionary pages as my drawing support, my colleagues have been bringing by old dictionaries of all types.  I never knew so many varieties existed!

Recently I was given a large dictionary that had certainly seen better days.  It filled my requirement that it be over 40 years old and that the pages would stand up to some serious pressure and mark making - (by stand up, I mean that the pages are not so thin and aged that they crumble away when I start drawing).  Well this book passed the test and also opened up a chance to create some larger scale drawings.  This is the first from that book.

I really like children's dictionaries because they provide illustrations on the pages that I think add to my drawing.  Children's dictionaries (especially old ones) don't include slang or vulgar definitions that might not be celebrated with a frame.  So it can be a trick to create on an adult dictionary page.  This one provided a few "colorful" words on the page that I hope I didn't bring much attention to.

This is actually a commission piece.  The original is still for sale because the patron is only interested in a print.  That new patron is from Australia and is one of the friendships that began as a result of my online postings.  I still marvel that my world now includes friends and admirers from around the globe.

Well, I'm off on the road to spend Easter with one of my new granddaughters.  Lots of work is stacking up on the easel but I'm going to enjoy a few giggles this weekend.

Happy, Blessed Easter & Passover!


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