The Cover of My "Art Class Bible"
or Substitute Guidebook

School is back in full swing and my enrollment has pretty much been established.  It takes a few days for kids to settle in and get situated in their classes.  I've had 15 or maybe more students start and drop my classes already for all sorts of reasons.  Our school is busting at the seams and my classes are full.

I am already planning for a substitute.  It's always rough to leave my classes this early in the school year but I have a very special event starting next week.  So I have been busy building my Art Class Bible of roll sheets, classroom rules and lesson plans.  I built this binder years ago and decorated it with some fun, Mona Lisa art.  I use Mona all over my room.

My husband are blessed beyond belief to get to attend the Telluride Film Festival in fabulous Telluride, Colorado.  Just visiting this gorgeous mountain town in the San Juan Mountains is terrific enough but we are gifted passes to the film festival.  (Thanks to the unbelievable generosity of two former students who host us each year.  Thanks Larry & Mitzi!)  Each year we get to attend world premieres of films and often mingle with the directors and celebrities involved.  I've met and talked to or at least been very near everyone from George Clooney (whom I actually talked to) to Daniel Day Lewis and Sean Penn and James Franco (got my picture with him). Unlike other film premieres this event has no red carpets or velvet ropes.  The stars, directors and audience all coexist in this tiny town which means you can be standing in line for the bathroom and notice Helen Mirren next to you (true story).  I know -  It's an amazing experience and we leave in just a few days.


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