Teacher Quote
11" x 8.5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Grade book Page

I just finished the last touches on Christmas commissions and this is one of my favorites.  A dear friend asked me to create a personal gift for her granddaughter who is graduating this month with her teaching degree.  This friend has been so generous to my family and it was a treat to create something for her.

I am a big fan of teachers.  My whole family including my two sisters, my husband and all three of my daughter (one is still in school but that's her goal) and my in-laws all are or have been teachers.  I love being a teacher.  I am a better artist because I am on my toes as an art teacher everyday.

My friend suggested a few teacher quotes that she thought I might illustrate.  I actually found this one on Pinterest and loved it.  I built it using a variety of different fonts and then digitized it to an old page from a teacher's grade book.  Much like dictionary pages, grade books are going the way of the dodo bird - we all use online grade books these days.  I haven't used an actual, paper grade book in three years.

I added some typical teacher supplies around the edge and there ya go - Voila'!


Debbie Nolan said…
Kristy - what a great gift. I am sure your friend's daughter is going to love this. Thank you for sharing.
Thank you, Debbie

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