My Epson Artisan 1430 Printer pushing out a 12" x 18" Print

As my studio has grown, so has my need for better equipment.  One of the most profitable studio enterprises has been selling prints of my work and with a growing, summer, season of festivals and shows I desperately needed to invest in a better method of creating them.  

I've researched what type of fine art printer to purchase for months.  When I finally decided on one it wasn't easy to find it in stores so I ordered it online and had to wait for weeks before it arrived.  I am now trying to learn it's many tricks and settings but before long, I hope to have a lot of new prints packaged and ready to go.

Thanks to the friendly folks at Epson I now own an Artisan 1430 printer with archival inks and the capacity for printing up to 12" wide prints.  The inks have one of the longest life spans of any ink I researched and the printer, although large, is WIFI and can travel along with us to shows.  This way I can print on the road and replace popular artwork that sells out during a show.  It means I don't have to rely on a commercial print maker and it dwarfs our little home office printer which is next to it in the photo.  The overall costs of ink and acid/lignin free papers are about the same.  I am especially excited about offering larger prints with the option of using finer papers and even canvas.

It may take me some time to establish colors and such the way I want them but I'm determined to give this a go.


Sharmin said…
Your artwork is beautiful. I'm looking for a large format printer for my classroom. I keep telling my admins my Art and Graphic Design kids will do some amazing things if they will just fork over the $$ for the printer. Unfortunately, rural north central Arkansas doesn't have an abundance of funds.

Love you blog and your fantastic ideas!

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