I am off and running with drawing each letter of the alphabet on the pages of this wonderful, children's dictionary.  I am trying to find a couple of different definitions on each page that spark my imagination. 

For this page I created a funny alligator in a fat little airplace dropping alarm clocks.  Airplane and Alarm Clock both appear on the page.  I was able to protect this page from tears and rips but it is extremely fragile so I went ahead and covered the back with gel medium.

I'm still debating how to reproduce prints of these drawings.  I think they would be cute as little cards that could be framed or hung together to spell out a child's name.  I also think they would be clever in a smaller card set that includes the whole alphabet.  I am getting a little ahead of myself - that means doing the WHOLE ALPHABET.


alarmcat said…
this is absolutely "A"-dorable!!

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