Being a high school art teacher means I need to be skilled in multiple mediums.  Currently my students are doing paper mache' sculptures, color theory exercises, acrylic painting and my second year students are just now starting watercolors.

These students had an introduction to watercolors during their first year of class but now they are challenged to create some original, challenging work.  Anytime I start watercolors I like to set up a review of techniques and have my students practice making a variety of washes and textures.  Lots of people avoid watercolors but success is just a matter of learning how to manage the amount of water you use.

A few years ago I discovered someone had created a similar grid you see in my photo.  I've built my own version of the various techniques and instruction I want my students to understand and use.  I hope to make time to create a "HOW TO" video so I don't have to do it again and again year to year.


This looks like a great idea! I would love to see more of your chart.

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