I think every artist out there goes nuts for art supplies.  New art supplies send us over the moon. 

This week I purchased a giant set of Derwent Inktense Blocks and I am in heaven.  I've noticed Inktense being used by lots of folks who craft, make art journals and fellow dictionary artists.  I have a few of the actual pencils but discovered that this fabulous, British company makes their gorgeous, watercolor pencils in a block.  I also found other watercolor enthusiasts were using them like pan watercolors.  I had to have some.

When I first get any new medium, I try to organize my supplies.  I printed out a color chart from Derwent and labeled each of the open stock blocks before the embossed numbers washed away.  Each individual stick has a stock number.  Open stock supplies are available individually and not just in predetermined color sets.  So I wanted to make sure I knew and recorded each color so I could replace that one color if I ran out.  Most quality art supplies are available in open stock so you can buy one color at a time.

I was able to simply dampen the stick in the packaged, foam tray.  I noticed some artists carve or grate their sticks onto a separate palette.  I may change my mind but it seems to work great just to wet them with a damp brush.

I started playing right away and love these watercolors.  The colors are rich and vivid.  Since these have an ink characteristic, the paint sets after it is dry.  Traditional watercolors will come back to life and turn into liquid when they get wet on the paper.  These fabulous paints will be permanent when they dry and don't activate on your paper.  These paints are more like ink washes than watercolor.  That also means they will stain your brushes and be permanently on your brushes if you don't wash them immediately.  They really are a strong stain which is why so many people use them to paint on cotton and silk fabrics.

After a little play time, I got started on a fall pumpkin painting using my new toys.  I am in love. This little gourd may find it's way into my new, greeting card line.


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