This spring I have been busy giving workshops on the popular medium of colored pencils.  I love colored pencils and use them nearly everyday.  They are a key medium I use in building my dictionary drawing pages and I require all of my art students to develop a mastery of this amazing tool.

I've put hours into building my colored pencil workshop.  I first used my resources to hold a community workshop for individuals interested in adult coloring.  Starting with this event, I was able to build a couple of great handouts.


There are tons of comparison and review posts online about different brands of colored pencils.  I researched many of those and then built my own.  Here is a shareable link for you to download and borrow my handout.  It includes my favorite student grade and artist grade colored pencils.

Colored Pencil Brands Handout


All artists love art supplies.  I've heard our craving for art supplies described as feeding an internal monster that is constantly devouring whatever art supplies we find.

Here is a handout I created of some of my favorite accessories I use with colored pencils.  I included lots of burnishing aids that many of my students enjoy.  I am not a huge fan of greasy blending tools like Vaseline and baby oil but I do occasionally use a blending pencil.

This is the link for my handout of colored pencil accessories that you can download and use however you wish.

Colored Pencil Supplies


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