8.5" x 11" Four Sheet Bird Themed Collage Kit Created with Waterproof Ink on Translucent Papers
Including 5 of my Original Bird Dictionary Drawings and Three Bird Definition Dictionary Pages

I am sooooo excited to announce that I have finally developed a method of creating high quality, collage sheets of my dictionary artwork.  

I have had lots of customers - especially crafters - request I provide digital downloads of my artwork for collage projects.  After months of trying, I now have the perfect combination of waterproof inks, translucent tissue paper sheets and suitable image sizes.  I also believe these handmade sheets are far superior to digitally downloaded images.

One 8.5" x 11" page of my Multiple Bird Dictionary Page

I have researched how to best create a quality product that isn't a typical digital download for collage. Digital downloads are only as good as the customer's printer and far too often, crafters discover that their colors are poor or their ink bleeds and blurs when wet. I knew I wanted a real product that I could control, package and customize if requested.

As a crafter, I love using super thin, tissue paper-like papers for collage.  Thin papers lend themselves to beautiful layers with fewer wrinkles but have proven very difficult for even my commercial printmaker friends to manufacture.  I have purchased loads of different vellum and tracing papers while experimenting and today discovered the perfect match of printer, ink and paper.

I am including an 8.5" x 11" page of my Cardinal, Hummingbird, 
Sparrow and Crow Dictionary Drawings

By creating my own pages, I can guarantee the ink won't run, the colors match my original artwork and the papers are ridiculously thin making them great for gluing on all sorts of surfaces.

I plan to include my recommendations and techniques for collage such as my preferred glue and methods for successfully attaching images to different surfaces.

I created two pages of three different, antique dictionary pages with loads of
fabulous bird references and some vintage illustrations.  

When I collage I always like to have assorted background and filler papers that I can tear and glue around my focal point. So I have included both a full page image and a page with  two, half page dictionary pages in my kit. I have an extensive collection of antique dictionaries so I have pulled and reproduced three of my favorite Bird Themed, dictionary pages filled with fabulous bird references and little illustrations.

While making this terrific kit, I kept asking myself what I would love as a customer and crafter?  It's important to me to provide a great assortment of beautiful pages in a kit.

So again, this is not a digital download product but four beautiful, high quality collage sheets that will be carefully packaged and shipped after purchase.  I hope to post more of my drawings in themed kits soon.

To order your four page, Bird Themed kit, visit my online Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/flyingshoes



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