Brand New Zodiac Dictionary Pages
Not long ago, I started experimenting with vivid, watercolor washes across my dictionary pages.  When I first started doing dictionary drawings I actually used a variety of colors  in watercolor washes on the page but later decided that I preferred the authentic, distressed look of the real page.

This past summer I created a "Constellations" drawing and wanted to use white pen, ink pencils and needed a dark background.  That drawing has been very popular so I've been playing with doing a whole series of the zodiac constellations.

I was thrilled to find all 12 signs of the Zodiac in one, wonderful, 1930's edition dictionary.  I've created most of the original drawings but just couldn't make up my mind how to best letter these darker drawings.  I typically hand letter each original with sepia watercolor but I was afraid that the dark color wouldn't pop much on such a dark page.

I have continued to experiment with all sorts of acrylics, inks, markers...trying to find something that enabled me to hand letter my original work in white.  Everything I tried just absorbed the blues of the watercolor and came out drab and streaky.  I almost gave up when I discovered some acrylic inks in the brand Daler-Rowney.  MAGIC!

So I have since finished my zodiac series and am gradually adding them to my Etsy shop.  I hope to have the originals all framed and ready for my new art shows.


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