Our high school art club, The Art Zombies, are raising money through an online T-Shirt Contest.  One of my students designed this grunge tiger design and she also uploaded my scratch art design we have been using as our art club logo.

I hope my followers will help us out be visiting the website, registering and voting for these two designs.  The more votes we receive, the more likely we are to win some contest money.  It doesn't cost anything to register to vote and it won't put you on any mailing lists.  You don't have to buy anything to register or vote.

We don't get money for the purchase of a shirt.  The prize money is strictly based on how many votes we get during the course of a day, a week and a month.

So log on to and cast your vote.  You should find these two designs on the vote page or search for them by the artist's name HatchTheGirl.

This is Molly's Tiger Design

This is my scratch art design.

All prize money will go directly to our high school art account.


Molly's screen name is actually HatchTheGirl

Here are the links for all your loyal followers to vote, too!
The Art Zombie and Ghetto Tiger.

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