Grant Lee Watercolor

Grant Lee's mother is much like a fourth daughter in our family.  She spent a great deal of her childhood playing at our house and is someone very special to us.  She recently had her first son, Grant Lee and decided to decorate his nursery in a jungle theme.  Here is her baby gift just finished today.

It is a 12" x 7" watercolor and colored pencil painting on 200 lb, rough watercolor paper.  Since little Grant Lee's name was so long, I decided to create a different size painting rather than the long pieces I have traditionally been doing.  I really enjoyed building the cartoon, animals.  Years ago I did a lot of cartooning work so it's always fun to return to those characters.

This piece is a gift for a special family which is why I have been making them in the first place. 

I have finally decided on prices for the craft show I am participating in soon.  I am going to have a flat fee of $55.00 for any name of four letters or less.  Then I plan to charge $12.50 for each additional letter.  The longer the name, the more time and detail is required to complete the painting. This smaller piece is an exception.  We'll see how this system works.  These pieces take a great deal of time to do so I hope this is a wise method of selling them.  Pricing is always difficult for me and I tend to under price my work in hopes of making more sales.

I plan to provide a 2 inch white mat and clear acetate wrap for each painting and to require the customer to pay in advance.  I am going to give the customers limited color choices and the opportunity to select from a variety of backgrounds and patterns. 


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