I can hear strains of Gene Autry as I gather supplies and organize my easel for my upcoming Taos, NM show.  I have a pile of measured papers and mats ready to go.  I've found that it's easier to prepare
everything in advance so I can concentrate on the fun of painting when the mood strikes and the time is right.

I measure, cut, tape and label my Canson MiTeintes papers in assorted sizes on scraps of mat board.  For a show I like to create an assortment of small sizes ranging from 4" to 18."  I love to work larger but smaller pieces are cheaper to frame, ship and sell for less.

Next I cut mats and frame backing for each piece.  I detest cutting mats which is made easier since I have access to a fabulous mat cutter in my high school classroom.  This time of year I am cutting hundreds of mats (in spite of how much I hate doing it) for my student's competitions.  There are lots of scraps left over which help my budget.  This way I also know exactly what size of frames and glass I am going to need.  This helps me budget what expense I am going to have.

So now I'm ready to start a new series of food still life paintings for my Spring show.  I bought some lovely, golden pears last night that I think will be the first piece on the easel.  I hope to add about ten new pieces to replace the inventory I've sold or given away.

"Back in the Saddle Again!"


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