Patron Saint of Twitter

I have a number of 3" x 3" wooden blocks left over from making mini art blocks with my students.  I have glued a lot of altered, vintage images and prints of my artwork on them and sold them well at our local art gallery. 

I've been trying to come up with another novel way to use them.  Last summer when I set up my art show in Amarillo, the previous artist was taking down her work which was canvas panels hinged together of saint-like characters.  So I thought "Why not invent some saints of my own based on some current pop culture?"

So here is my first, personal saint.  This is my Patron Saint of Twitter.  He is created on black Canson paper with Derwent colored pencils.  He measures 9" x 3" and soon will be glued to three little 3" x 3" boards in a triptych.

Notice the Twitter 't" on his hat, the Twitter bluebird and Blackberry, CXL which are Roman Numerals for 140 (which is the number of characters/spaces you have to post on Twitter) and the phrase "Follow Me."


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