They say "The cobbler's children have no shoes" and there are lots of times when my family has asked why don't I create more artwork for them? 

My granddaughter, Cami has had to wait four years for her very own, personalized watercolor.  She turns four this weekend and I've finally made her a painting.  We don't get to see Cami as much as we'd like.  She lives with her birth mother in Texas and visits my daughter and son-in-law on alternate weekends.  She is a loving, sweet, bright little girl and we are so happy she is a part of our family.
 Cami loves cupcakes, art (that pleases me tremendously), monkeys and fairies so those are the images we selected to signify the letters of her name. 

Before the ravenous legal team at Disney chases me down on the copyright on Tinker Bell - no money was exchanged for the use of her image and my granddaughter has hundreds of legally purchased "Tinks" on bedding, posters, T-shirts and toys all over her room.


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