I've just completed creating my show card for my upcoming art show at the Trading Post Cafe and Gallery in Taos, NM.  I've been debating back and forth about whether to only use what I consider to be the showiest pieces or include everything I've done in the Kitchen Counter Series.  I decided to include all eighteen pastel paintings that I currently have in my series inventory.  I've also got contact and studio information on the back.

My reasoning for putting so many images on my show card is that I hope patrons will see a painting they like and grab a card while they ponder their potential purchase.  Taos has an active art market which is one of the reasons I am so thrilled to be showing there - especially a show that lasts from May 1st to July 10th.  I hope that these little cards will help boost interest in my work as well as sales.  Who knows where my cards may wind up?


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