I picked up my artwork at the Urban Bru Coffee House yesterday.  I was very pleased to be their first artist to be showcased.  The new establishment has had lots of traffic and has been really busy especially since the owners have been hosting special events.  They are also contributing back to the community by participating in numerous charities and organizations.

 Susan Barrias is the owner of Urban Bru.  I first met Susan when I cast her in my murder mystery dinner theater.  She and her husband have a daughter in my husbands high school speech program.

There have been a number of photos from Urban Bru in our local newspaper over the past two months.  This photo of board members of the local homeless shelter with Bru employees ran a few weeks ago.
The employees at the Bru gave their first tips to the shelter.  Behind them you can see some of my artwork.

All in all showing at the Urban Bru got me a lot of attention.  Owners Dr. Mannie and Susan Barrias also bought the large pastel of coffee cups with heart shaped foam - "I'd Love a Cup"
"I'd Love a Cup" now has a permanent home!


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