I am up to my ears in projects these days but thanks to a text from a good friend I've added Artist Trading Cards (ATC's) back into my life.

ATC's have been around for years and artists across the planet have been building and trading these itty-bitty (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") works of art.  A few years ago I required my students to create ATC's and we had a great time making and trading them.  ATC's are supposed to be original works of art made in miniature and traded, never sold.  You can find websites that feature ATC swaps and there are even kits available to get started.

When my friend texted about hosting an ATC event I got the itch to drag out all the scraps and odds and ends I used to collect for making them.  Today I launched an ATC workshop next week for my students and friends so I am up to my ears in preparations.  The student president of our local art club currently works at a coffee shop and she is going to ask if they would host an ATC swap and show.

I have a few, special ATC's from former students and hope I can entice other high schools, the local college art program and some of my artist buddies to build and swap.


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