A year ago I did a small, colored pencil drawing of my grandmother's moccasins.  The piece sold quickly at our local gallery.  I have often thought I should revisit this special subject matter and create more work featuring these antique keepsakes.

I recently purchased two small canvases and decided to take the moccasins out of their protective glass containers and get to work in acrylic.  With the start of school, I have loads of demo pieces going at school with my students but wanted to have a gallery quality piece started on my easel at home too.

So here's my beginning.  I started by under painting the canvas then applied a great carmine color which I roughed up and scrubbed out so the under painting shown through.  I love creating portals in my work so this wrap around canvas was perfect for a vintage looking frame.

I also decided to compose the shoes so they would look like they were hanging on the canvas from a straight forward viewpoint.

So the fun is about to begin.  I am anxious to challenge myself to capture the worn hide and tiny beads on these old shoes.


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