This year's painted banner is varnished and ready to deliver to the Wild Horse Gallery this morning.  She will hang above our main street from a lighted pole for a few weeks and then be auctioned off as part of the Sunflower Art, Food and Wine Festival on June 9th.

The evolution of this year's painting was interesting and like so many artistic pursuits, started one place and ended another.  I knew I wanted to incorporate a decorative stamp in the design and after the background was completed it begged to have a more delicate image added.  I had also intended to create a more opaque image but I liked the transparent face with the pattern showing through.  It looks a lot like a digital collage created by a computer.

I also liked the three "beats" of pink color in the painting which I hope add some interest and lead the viewer's eye across the piece.  There is a hint of pink in the hair comb, a patch on her cheek (which kinda grabs attention I fear) and then the pink drape around her shoulders.

I'm off to drop her off at the gallery.  I hope folks will come out to the festival June 9th to enjoy some terrific food, wine, live music and BUY SOME ART!  I plan to have a booth featuring prints and originals of my recent dictionary page drawings.  My three daughters are also creating crafts and artwork to sell.  And if you like this year's banner, please place your bid so she will find a good home.


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