5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

After my mother passed away our family had the overwhelming job of cleaning out her home.  Being the pack-rat I am, I hauled home all sorts of things not knowing what I would do with half of it.  One of the bags contained all types of assorted eyeglasses that had been worn by the family for generations.  (I genetically came by my love of things and my inability to throw things out.)

This bag of eyeglasses has come in quite handy for theater props and some have entertained my grandchildren.  There are a few precious pairs that I treasure that were worn by my mother and father. I also discovered in the bag my very first pair of glasses - a copper metal, cat-eyed style.  At the time, I thought they were the most stunning thing I'd ever owned.  Fortunately I think the only surviving school pictures of me wearing them are hidden under my bed where someday my daughters may find them long after I am gone.


Eliska Adema said…
OMG! I had the same pair of eyeglasses but mine were white!!! Love your artwork.

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