5" x 5" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

This is a second, commissioned drawing for a friend.  Selling a piece of artwork is something like selling a child - I'm thrilled someone admires and wants it but really sad to have it go away.

This piece was great fun to create.  I especially love the blue, tulip-like speaker.  For each of these pieces I have tried to limit my color scheme and keep with neutral, muted tones.  The pages look so pretty all together but sadly and fortunately, the family is quickly splitting up.

I best "get on the ball" if I'm going to have many pieces for the art festival.  Quite a few of the originals have new homes but there are still plenty of colorful, quality prints still be adopted.


JFlah said…
These drawings on the dictionary pages are great! I've very much enjoyed viewing them. Great job.

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