6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

It's a snowy day in the the Oklahoma Panhandle and I'm happy to be enjoying a snow day out of school in my studio.  I have plenty to do.

I decided to take advantage of a free day to create another sewing piece as a special gift.  My biggest supporters and cheerleaders are my big sisters, Lindy and Janie.  They have been praising and encouraging me since I first arrived.  Lindy (Melinda) is having a birthday this week so I decided to create a dictionary page just for her.

Lindy is an exceptional seamstress and also a school teacher.  (Our whole family including my other sister, Janie are all teachers.)  So thanks to a day at home with the snow blowing outside, I have had time to start and finish a dictionary drawing just for her.

Happy Birthday, Lindy.  Thank you for being a terrific big sister and even better, best friend!


I just found your blog today and I am in awe of your work. This sewing piece brings back memories of my mother who was an exceptionally talented seamstress. I also saw your sewing machine piece among the many I have looked at today. I'm enjoying reading your posts... I'm also a teacher at least I was until I had to retire due to a degenerative retinal disease. I've always wished I had a talent for drawing. I used to do better than I seem to do now. :) But, since I don't have enough drawing talent I've taken up rubber stamping and cardmaking in my retirement. As I was looking through many of your posts, I was thinking what wonderful rubber stamps many of your drawings would make and then I came upon the post where you said you had done some drawings for an Australian stamp company. How wonderful! I can't wait to take more time in the future and look at even more of your blog posts.
KaHolly said…
Your work is extraordinary. I create cards from my photography and have often used distressed dictionary pages during the mounting process. It just adds something extra special to the finished product. Well done!

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