After a hectic return to my studio and my classroom, I have finally found the time to announce the winner of my "Artist" print giveaway.  I had a lot of wonderful responses to my statement "Why I Love Art."  It sure feels good to have people compete to win a piece of my artwork.....thanks, everyone!

     Aggie (her blog name.  She asks to keep her actual name private for now.)

Her comments to Why I Love Art is
   "Art seeks me - reveals despair, joy, angst, peace - entreats my soul to fill the page....to lift hearts.
    I seek art - as comfort, as challenge, as breath."

I couldn't agree more.

Aggie describes herself...

I am a  wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend (I think) & am a pet owner.  I procrastinate, garden, create, am sleep-deprived, fight cholesterol, am sometimes irritable & I am often nostalgic. I love family, chocolate, my faith, anything blue, drawing, football, snow &  reading.  I loathe wind, heat, housework, tailgaters, liver and squash bugs.

We have a lot in common (except the liver part - I love it)

I found Aggie has two blogs and lives just up the road in Kansas. Visit her blogs like I have and get to know her.

They Gave Me Sketchbooks

And The Wind Blew Me Here

It is wonderful to make a new artistic friend.  Congratulations and thank you, Aggie


Aggie said…
I want to say thanks again - for the print, for the wonderful encouragement, and for kind words in this post. It's all fabulous except liver. Can't handle the liver. : )

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