"Follow Your Heart"
12" x 12"
Derwent Colored Pencil on Black, Crescent Mat Board

Each year I enjoy creating an original valentine for my family.  Today I had time to play around and this little drawing seemed to jump to life.

Through the years these valentine drawings have a style that is reminiscent of some of the bright posters I loved back in my childhood (remember the 60's?).  They also resemble chalkboard signs you might see at restaurants and bars.  Either way - they have a happy vibe.

My daughters are all laboring away with busy lives and working to discover what lies ahead.  Two new grandbabies, new jobs, new homes and lots of uncertainty about making the right decisions is creating some anxiety in our family right now.  Fortunately my life is fabulous.  I am thrilled with two new grandchildren to add to the three I already enjoy.  My husband and I have wonderful adventures together and I love my job teaching art.  My artistic pursuits are also better than ever with dreams coming true and goals being realized.

So I think this advice says it all - "Follow Your Heart."  It's worked for me.


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