Music for Lindsay
6" x 9" Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page

Commissions are tricky - it's a challenge to create something that someone else has envisioned.  It is always a relief when the customer is pleased with the outcome.

This piece was commissioned by a friend and my husband's former student now living in Colorado.  It is a graduation gift for her daughter, Lindsay.  Lindsay's passion is music and her favorite song is 100 years.  Her mother also requested I include the heart symbol.

The tough part of this drawing was getting a pleasing arrangement with all these images.  I didn't want the music to be lost in all the dictionary text so I set it at a diagonal.  At first I thought I could draw the music using some studio tricks but discovered that I had to hand letter it all.  It's pretty darn close to the actual notes in the sheet music with one exception - I hope few discover that.

Lindsay is a beautiful girl and the photo resource I was given was a joy to recreate.


Leandra Dean said…
I couldn't be more pleased with this piece that Kristy so masterfully created for us. I was hoping for something of a metaphor piece as Lindsay is so largely defined by music, but I wasn't sure how this might be artfully conveyed. I requested a personal, meaningful depiction of Lindsay's love of music and provided some pictures and ideas. To my absolute delight Kristy brought my vision to life and captured my daughter on the personal level for which I was aiming. Kristy handled the challenges of detailing musical notation and reproducing a digital photograph on a distressed dictionary page with impressive skill and craftsmanship. To boot, the turnaround time was quick. This special piece is the embodiment of Lindsay's spirit and will be treasured for a lifetime. The icing on the cake is that a kind friend and wonderful lady created it for us. Highest praise and gratitude!

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